Privacy Policy

CoPerfume is operating from the United Arab Emirates and will be referred to as ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ to comprehensively explain our privacy protocols for our users and clients. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and this statement explains how we collect your information when it is collected, how it is collected, how it is being used, how it can be affected by future circumstances and under which conditions it can be disclosed to third-parties. In case any of your questions are left unanswered by this privacy statement, you can contact us at any time at


By visiting our website, interacting with, creating an account, placing an order or sending us an enquiry you acknowledge that you have the read, understood and are consenting to all the clauses related to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information mentioned in the privacy policy. CoPerfume will not be responsible for any disagreements to our privacy statement after you have visited, used, sent an enquiry, created an account or placed an order on our website. If you are under the age of 16, you are required to obtain the consent of your parents or guardian before visiting or using our site.


To provide our services and products to you, CoPerfume needs to collect some personal information from you. When you register your account with us, send us an enquiry or place an order we may collect your name, postal address, phone number and email address to process your order or query. To perform financing or banking practices, we may obtain your financial information from your bank or through any of the transactions performed. We may also receive additional information from you through identity checks or authentication practices.


We may collect personal information from you through our website, email, telephone or in person. You share your personal information with us by registering an account with us to purchase our products. You may also share some personal information when you send us an enquiry, provide feedback, complete surveys or participate in competitions or promotional giveaways. CoPerfume reserves the right to offer different social media plug-ins including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for signing up or sign in through one click icons. The website fetches the user information from these social media for the convenience of users. The non-personally indentifying information is collected through cookies and other third-party analytics software. The information includes, but it is not limited to, browser, type, history, language preferences, location, IP address, frequency and time of website visits and others. This information enables us to enhance our customer experience and update our services for a better service delivery.


We use the information provided by you to identify you as a customer, to create your account, update your information, process your order, to deliver our products, to process payments, and to enable you to utilize our website to the fullest extent. We may also use the information provided through email, telephone, text messages, in person or through social media to send you promotions, events, competitions, discounts or other information. We may use this information to provide services relevant to you, to suggest products, select communication methods, select payment options and to overall personalize the website according to your preferences. We may use specialized information for example, product preferences, age etc. to provide customized suggestions or enhance your experience with us. Some of this information may also be essential for the completion of your order. In addition, we may also your personal information for our internal analytics, make use of customer patterns, demographic statistics, buying habits etc. to formulate strategies to improve our products and services for our customers and to better understand the needs and interest of our customers. CoPerfume reserves the right to store multiple copies and backups of the data to keep them safe and available for use in case of any emergency. The different personal and non-personal information can be used to generate aggregated reports and indexes which can be posted publicly on different forums and our newsletters for the purpose of transparency and improving our services.


CoPerfume will not disclose your personal information in the form of name, email address, postal address and phone number or banking details in the form of credit card or debit card information to any of the third parties. Your information like address, name and phone number may be shared with our partner delivery services to ensure timely delivery of your products. You may also acknowledge and consent that in certain circumstances, your personal information may be shared with third parties. A good example is for following any rules and regulations of the law, facilitating the legal process, singling out frauds, to protect other’s privacy and our products, to get legal counsel or to reduce the risks involved in the credit/debit card transactions. Under these special circumstances, CoPerfume is bound by law and self-preservation, however, we still try to make sure that your information is protected at all times.


Our website can contain links to other third party website at times, which are not controlled or maintained by us and we cannot be held responsible for such links. We are also not liable for the privacy practices followed by these third party websites, their content, products, services, or their data collection procedures. This privacy policy does not cover these third party sites. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you read and review the privacy statements of these sites before engaging with them.


Cookies are small chunks of data that are used to store certain information on your browser to be accessed later on. uses cookies to provide you a smoother experience with our website, ease your interactions, and enhance your overall experience with our website. Under no circumstance do we store your personal information using these cookies.


All of your personal information is stored safely on our servers. You can access your personal information from our website any time.


You can login to your account on our website any time and edit, correct or update your information to your needs.


CoPerfume will only retain your personal information as long as you are an active customer. If you want to delete your personal information you can contact your customer care.


We are bound to delete all of your data if you request us to do so.


You reserve the right to ask us about our policies on how we collect, store and use your data.


You can request all of your data in a machine-readable format.


The user can ask CoPerfume to make amendments to the data if needed.


If you do not allow us to collect, store or use your data, we will ensure that no data is collected from you or stored and used for any purpose. This will however, result in a limited website experience as a number of features won’t be available for you. Note that these rights are not applicable if you are not a European citizen.


We update our privacy policy from time to time to make it better and to sync with our new updates, products and services. You will be provided a notification on the website regarding the update. You can also follow this page regularly to see if there are any changes or updates to the privacy policy. Once you continue using our website after the update, it would indicate that you have acknowledged the updated privacy policy.


Although we have taken every necessary step to ensure protection of your personal information, unfortunately internet cannot be completely secure. The transmission of information through internet always has its risks and to minimize them CoPerfume has taken recognizable steps. The data on the internet is prone to damage therefore we try our best to keep it secure. If any mishap occurs, we take no responsibility for the leakage and unauthorized/inappropriate use of your data. Any act of nature including fire or any other emergency can cause damage to your data and we are not liable for any mishap. Like many top websites, CoPerfume uses Secure Socket Layering (SSL) which can be recognized on web by the letters “https” rather than the usual “http”. Your browser can also identify that if you are visiting a secure website and whether you should give your information here or not. The SSL encrypts your personal information and then transmits it over the internet. Our website uses this technology to transmit data and our onboard storage facilities are also well-protected. We store your data on a private secure network away from any potential attacks. However, one thing that cannot be encrypted is email, so make sure that you never send your credit/debit card information over the emails. Also make sure to take extra protective measures at your end and be very cautious all the time.


In case of any queries or suggestions, you can get in touch with us at