Celebrity: Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner

Best for: The young millennial

What’s to love: What’s better than a Kim Kardashian perfume? How about one that features a collaboration with her billionaire mogul sister Kylie Jenner!? With three colorful lip-shaped bottles (very on-brand for Kylie) that house different notes of red lotus blossom, liquid amber and peony, these kisses from the Kardashian/Jenner duo will have you pucker up and spritz!


Thank U, Next

Celebrity: Ariana Grande

Best for: The modern romantic

What’s to love: Thanks to Ariana Grande, you can say ‘Thank U, Next’ to any perfume sitting on your vanity. Featuring similar notes from her first fragrance, Ari, the singer revisits those delicious pear and raspberry aromas, this time adding some coconut notes for an even more addictive effect. Her song’s message is represented in a pink bottle shaped like a broken heart; the perfect elixir for those looking to move forward from a challenging chapter.

henry rose

Henry Rose

Celebrity: Michelle Pfeiffer

Best for: The green enthusiast

What’s to love: Who would have thought that Golden Globe winner Michelle Pfeiffer would be responsible for the launch of the first ever line of fine fragrances created with 100% ingredient transparency!? Henry Rose, which comprises five different unisex fragrances, also features a bottle made of 90% recyclable glass and a cap made of soy; the ultimate green label for the green enthusiast inside of you.

enduring glow

Enduring Glow

Celebrity: Jennifer Lopez

Best for: The hardcore fan

What’s to love: If you loved her Glow perfume the first time round, you’ll find it hard not to douse yourself in the latest JLo drop, Enduring Glow; with notes of bergamot, lychee and pear, as well as the same sensually shaped bottle (this time minus the gold flip-flop charms) the fragrance oozes so much 90s nostalgia it’ll have you wondering why you ever stopped using the old one in the first place!